8 Tips To Increase Your Female Pornstars Game

Famous Porn Stars

A porn star is someone who performs sexual acts on camera for audience enjoyment. They also earn money by licensing their images and names on adult products. Some stars can make six-figure salaries.

It's not easy being a pornstar. It is crucial that porn stars are healthy and ensure that their sexual partners are protected from STIs.

Jenna Jameson

Jenna Jameson, who was born on April 9, 1974 in Las Vegas, Nevada, began her career as a dancer, but quickly switched to stripping. She became a top stripper, and appeared in a myriad of male magazines, including Penthouse and High Society. After a visit to a porn scene that sparked her interest in hardcore modeling, she was signed by Wicked Pictures and quickly became one of the top female models in adult film.

Her erotic films have won her many awards and she was admitted into the X-Rated Critics Organization as well as Adult Video News Hall of Fame. uk pornstar has also starred in and produced a variety of films including several top-grossing movies.

Club Jenna has made $30 million in sales up to now. Ten websites feature Jameson's photos. Playboy Enterprises has acquired the company, and Jameson lives in Israel with Lior Bitton her boyfriend. She also has a daughter Batel Lu and two sons with Tito Ortiz, whom she was married in the year 2006.


Tera is a gorgeous millionaire with plenty of cocks to fill her pleasure-holes. She's also a naked model who's been on the pages of Playboy and Penthouse. She studied microbiology but her sex appeal prompted her to move to pornography. She has been in over 100 adult films, and won several awards for the porn industry.

She also has a line herbal products. She's also a sexy fashion model, and has her own clothing line including Python for men and Naughty for women. She's a petite beauty, measuring 5 feet 9 inches and weighs 130 pounds.

She was a science teacher who resigned after one of her students discovered her adult film background. She has been awarded numerous awards from different porn groups such as XBIZ AVN XRCO NightMoves Eroticline. She is a dedicated worker and has achieved her $15 million goal by being a successful businesswoman in the porn industry. Apart from that, she's a wonderful wife to Evan Seinfeld and mother of two children.

Gina Valentina

Gina Valentina is a sexy and pretty AV model who has been in the industry since 2015. She is petite and has a slim frame. She is very expensive for her films, and has a huge following base on social networks. Her fans can interact with her through Twitter and Instagram. She also has an OnlyFans account that is only for members.

Gina is a 25-year-old Brazilian American who lives in Miami, Florida. She was born in Rio de Janeiro on February 18, 1997. kayleigh wanles porn is her birth name. Gina has a mandala on her shoulder. She is a single woman who is focused on making a career out of it.

Gina is an actress who is versatile, and she can be seen in a variety of roles despite her petite size. She has been in sex films with big names like Markus Dupree and Alex Blake. She was nominated for a number of AVN and XBIZ awards. She has a slim figure and mesmerizing eyes. Her height is 5'2" and her body measurements are 34A-24-35. Her weight is 110 pounds.


Katana is a triple threat beauty with a fierce sex drive and an insatiable craving for pleasure. She has been in a variety of European and American porn films since 2016. She has gained a huge following of fans across the globe. This sexy Asian hottie is also a model and businesswoman who is a fan of acting.

She has a tragic and dark backstory that includes the death of her husband Maseo Yamashiro. Her determination to be ruthless made her a proxy Suicide Squad member. She is often partnered with Rick Flag, and she has also saved the lives of Bronze Tiger and Manhunter on one occasion. She is honor-bound to those she saves by a sacred ritual known as giri-ninjo.

After assisting the Outsiders in defeating Dr. Sivana, Katana reveals she's a member of the team in an appearance that isn't spoken in issue #42. Katana joins Batman's team as part of the Justice League after the Outsiders were disbanded following the "Flashpoint 2011" events and subsequent New 52 reboot. She was a former member of the Birds of Prey before her resignation from the team.

uk pornstar is a popular American glamour model and reality television star. She was a Playboy Bunny after she caught the attention of Hugh Hefner at his 78th birthday party. She moved into Hefner's Playboy Mansion and later appeared on the E! reality show Girls Next Door. She has also appeared in a variety of well-known television and film series.

Kendra's role as a pornstar is not without controversy, though. She was convicted of fraud once, and has been linked to using drugs. She also was unhappy with her marriage to Hank Baskett. In 2018 she filed for divorce but the couple has since reunited.

Many consider adult performers to be porn stars because they perform sex in front cameras for the viewers to enjoy. However, it's important to remember that not all porn performers have sex with other individuals. Some are just known to masturbate or engage in self-stimulation. However, the term "porn star" gives these women some level of legitimacy and acceptance in an industry which can be quite shady. This enables them to evade criticisms from anti-pornography organizations.

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