My beautiful wife.

The nine-grade pagoda has not been used since it was bought by him. It has been kept in the body with magic power. After such a long time of pregnancy, although the quality of the nine-grade pagoda has not been improved, it is also more advanced than before. If you put gold and silver into it, the quality of the improvement will be higher. In the past, Shangguan people didn't use it because he didn't have the leisure time to collect gold, silver and jewelry, and he didn't lack that thing, but now, since there are a lot of gold and jade ores in the flood and famine world, the nine-grade pagoda finally has a place to play. In addition to the nine-grade pagoda, Shangguan Able Person took out his first work of refining utensils, the Five Elements Furnace. This yyīn Yang five elements furnace was refined when the superior officer was at level d, and now it has been upgraded by two levels. When I come back and look at this yyīn Yang five elements furnace, I feel like it's made in a shoddy way, and I blush when I see it. But in any case, this was the result of his first refining. The superior officer was reluctant to throw it away, so he simply took it out. While there was still time, he said, "Sister Chaobinai, I want to re-refine the Five Elements Furnace. This nine-grade pagoda is for you. You help me collect some gold, silver and jewelry and put them in as much as you can." Asahina took the nine-grade pagoda and said with a smile, "Good master." Honghuangjie is the masterpiece of Asahina Minoru. All the things in this world can come and go as soon as they are called. When Shangguan Able Person was making a new sacrifice to the Five Elements Furnace, he also took out the gold, silver and jewelry from the flood and famine world and put them into the nine-grade pagoda. It only took one minute before and after, and the speed was frightening. See Shangguan Able Person Sacrifice Refining Yyīn Yang Five Elements Furnace still has a period of time to end. Looking at the nine-grade pagoda, he felt that although the quality of the nine-grade pagoda was good, it did not reach the extreme. Thought about it. Asahina Minoru,Inflatable bouncer, like Shangguan Able Person, re-refined the nine-grade pagoda. Asahina Minoru put all kinds of complicated law array into the nine-grade pagoda, and put the strongest attack array, defense array, trapped array, seal array and so on within the ability of Shangguan capable people. All of them were used on the nine-grade pagoda, and even some of the remaining merits of evolution were added, which instantly upgraded the quality of the nine-grade pagoda. Unlike Shangguan capable people, Asahina had to communicate with the magic weapon, so that it could be used like an arm. Therefore,Inflatable dry slide, the time of Asahina's sacrifice was very short. After only a dozen hours, the nine-grade pagoda sacrifice was successful. Then look at the nine-grade pagoda, the blue light is shining, and the spirit of merit surrounds the body of the pagoda. Its quality is at least three grades higher than before. Asahina Minoru knew that this was not because he had a high level of refining, but because he had injected some power of merit. Whether a magic weapon has public morality or not, its power is like the difference between heaven and earth. For example, the Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda, which is often mentioned in prehistoric novels, was originally an acquired treasure. Not congenital, but because the heaven and earth Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda is the merit of Pangu's creation of heaven, it directly improves the quality of this acquired treasure by several grades, which can be comparable to the best congenital Lingbao. What is the quality of the best congenital Lingbao? For example, among the two sages in the West, there are twelve grades of golden lotus, which are the treasures of the establishment of religion, such as the seven precious trees, which are the magic weapons of the original life of the sages, such as the flat crutches of Laozi, the sage of human religion. The jade Ruyi of the sage yuanshi Tianzun and the duckweed sword of the sage Tongtian Jijiao are all the most powerful innate Lingbao, Inflatable water obstacle course ,inflatable air dancer, which are only under the innate treasure, and there are only two innate treasures in the flood and famine, one is the Taiji diagram of Taishang Laozi, the other is the Pangu banner of yuanshi Tianzun, besides which, the highest quality is the innate Lingbao. That is to say, the Tiandi Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda is the highest level of acquired merit. At present, the nine-grade pagoda has been refined by Asahina, which has improved its quality by one grade, but after the input of merit, the nine-grade pagoda has been upgraded by at least two grades. At present, the quality of this nine-grade pagoda is almost comparable to that of the acquired Lingbao, that is, it is one level lower than that of the Tiandi Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda. But this does not mean that the nine-grade pagoda is only one level lower than the Tiandi Xuanhuang Linglong Pagoda. In fact, the difference between the two is too far. It is not too much to describe it. Simply give a name to the quality of the magic weapon, if the top is the innate treasure, that is, the Taiji diagram, Pangu banner, then the next is the best innate Lingbao (the same as the acquired merit treasure), the senior innate Lingbao, the intermediate innate Lingbao, the low-level innate LingBao, the innate LingBao, the best acquired LingBao and the high-level acquired LingBao. Acquired Lingbao. Acquired Lingbao is followed by Lingbao, magic weapon and magic weapon, which are also divided into the best, advanced, intermediate, low-level and ordinary. Got it! Acquired Lingbao has just reached the level of Lingbao, and Lao Tzu's acquired merit treasure is far from it! However, those are the legends that Jinxian is not as good as a dog in the flood and famine, and Da Luo walks all over the place. The Lingbao refined by Chao Binai is solid, and even if it is put in the history of practitioners, it is also a high-end magic weapon. After refining, the nine-grade pagoda still preserves the function of upgrading the level of gold, silver, jewelry and magic weapons, as well as the ability to attack, defend, trap and seal. Its role is much greater than that of the Kyushu All Spirits Array. First of all, the attack ability, just recite the pithy formula, the pagoda can become bigger in an instant. As for how big it becomes, it depends on the user's ability. According to the current ability of the above officer, the pagoda can become a hundred feet in size. Do you know how big it is? Ten feet is three meters three, one hundred feet is more than three hundred meters, think about it, more than three hundred meters high pagoda, suddenly hit the head, the power is comparable to the nuclear warhead, who can stand this destructive power? But the scope of this attack is too large, it is better not to use it easily, of course, it is not necessary to become larger, so it is also possible to throw it out and hit people directly. Besides, defense capability. If the pagoda is placed on the top of the head, the pagoda will automatically emit the spirit of merit to protect the Lord. With the level of Lingbao of the Pagoda, even the land immortals may not be able to break it,Jumping castle with slide, and there is no land immortals on the earth for a long time. That is to say, Shangguan capable people only need to place the Pagoda on the top of the head. You can remain invincible. After the defense ability, let's talk about the ability to trap people.

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