You are the only one who is reborn.

When Zhou Xinxin got home by car, she didn't go upstairs immediately. Instead, she bought some vegetables and meat in the supermarket and planned to go home and cook a big dinner. Now it was past lunch time. She expected that the two elders had eaten, so she bought some food outside. Because she was under 18 years old, she could not use the money her mother left her at will. The money she usually spent was given by the two elders. She was given a lot of pocket money every week. If she wanted less, they would be unhappy. Back home, Zhou Xinxin put all the dishes in the kitchen, put his schoolbag in the bedroom and handed it to the two elders who were watching TV in the living room. Oh, my God, our heart got the first place in the exam! As soon as Grandma saw the report card, she immediately beamed and hurriedly handed it to her wife beside her, "You see, Xinxin strives for success and gets the first place in the exam." "Is it?"? Let me see. The old man held the presbyopic glasses hanging on his nose, picked up his grades and looked at them with a smile on his face. Seeing that the two elders were in such a good mood, Zhou Xinxin also smiled. To make them happy was what she was most willing to do. Oh, Xinxin, haven't you had lunch yet? I'll do it for you. Grandma stood up and went to the kitchen. Grandma, I have eaten outside. You don't have to cook for me. I will cook in the evening. You two are waiting to taste my cooking. Zhou Xinxin grabbed her grandmother and helped her back to the sofa to sit down. Eat less outside in the future. After all, the food cooked at home is nutritious and hygienic. By the way, there are watermelons in the refrigerator without children. I know you like watermelons best. I just bought one specially in the supermarket. Grandma said to Zhou Xinxin. Thank you, Grandma. I'm going to cut the watermelon. At first, I thought that I might not be able to adapt to living with the two old people, but I didn't expect that they would get along very well these days. The three of them lived together very harmoniously. The two old people were simple and had no bad intentions. They were really good to her. There were two old people who were really good to her. She had nothing to be dissatisfied with. Guan Da Jia During the summer vacation, Zhou Xinxin lived a regular life. She got up at six o'clock on time every morning. Breakfast was very simple, that is, milk, bread and fried eggs. When she got up,decorative palm trees, she washed first, then went to the kitchen, poured the bag of milk into the bowl first, then heated it in the microwave oven, and then began to fry eggs. Breakfast was easy and effortless. There were two or three kinds of bread, and the three of them could choose their own flavor to eat. There was also blueberry jam. In short, the breakfast was very rich and nutritious. After breakfast, she went out with the two elders, and then did their own things. The two elders went to practice Taijiquan, while she took a walk in the garden of the community and found a quiet place to practice Taekwondo. Because she had just started to practice, there was no effect. She just felt that her physique was much better now, and it was not easy to get tired. It was impossible for her to knock down a strong man immediately. At about 7:30, when the weather began to heat up, she went home, fake ficus tree ,artificial banyan trees, did her homework, and listened to English. English was not the content of the book, but she bought it specially. While listening to the pure British English in the CD, she imitated his intonation and spoke along with it. About an hour later, she began to prepare lunch. Her daily life is very meaningful, not to do homework, study or practice kungfu, and then cook the food that the two elders like to eat to please them. Time passed quickly. A month passed in a twinkling of an eye. At the beginning of August, Zhou Xinxin planned to go to the cemetery to have a look. Considering that it was too hot for the two elders to suffer from heatstroke, she did not let them go with her. After dinner in the morning, Zhou Xinxin went out. On the way, she bought some snacks and took a bunch of flowers to the cemetery. Because today is not the weekend, so there are not many people in the cemetery, Zhou Xinxin found Lin Shuang's memorial tablet and put the bouquet on it, and then lit a stick of incense. Mom, how are you doing in the sky? Perhaps you have met the real Zhou Xinxin and know that I am not your daughter. Anyway, I want to tell you that I really treat you as my mother. Looking at the black and white photos on the tombstone, Zhou Xinxin had tears in her eyes. I'll take good care of Grandpa and Grandma. You don't have to worry. Zhou Xinxin said a lot of words and reported all the things she had done these days to her mother. It was about an hour before she left. Did not walk a few steps to see an acquaintance, is Guan Shao, he is dressed in black, standing in front of the tombstone, a cold breath, anyone who sees him at this time can feel the cold from his bones. He also came here. Did he also have a family member who died? It's his mother. I heard that his mother had cancer before. She must have passed away. Didn't Guan Shao become an orphan? It's just that he doesn't seem to have been sent to an orphanage. He should have been adopted by relatives. She did not suspect that he was sent to the orphanage because a few steps behind him stood two men in the same black clothes, looked like his bodyguard, Zhou Xinxin was very confused, look at the two respectful attitude as if Guan Shao was their eldest, how less than two months, Guan Shao from an ordinary junior high school student into someone else's eldest? Now Zhou Xinxin does not know that Guan Shao's mother died early because of Lin Shuang, and it is not clear who is raising Guan Shao now. Doubts are doubts, but still do not intend to go up to say hello, she knows that Guan Shao hates her, he will not pay attention to her, so she pretended not to see them walk past. Young master, it's time to go back. One of the people behind Guan Shao reminded him. Uh Guan Shao's eyes, full of yearning and pain, lingered on the photo for a while before turning around. As soon as his eyes left the photo, his eyes immediately became cold. His outline merged into a cold and hard one. The whole person felt as cold as an ice sculpture. As soon as he took a step, he inadvertently saw Zhou Xinxin in the distance. He froze his body, clenched his fists, and his intense emotions rolled in his chest. When he saw Zhou Xinxin, he would think of her mother. When he thought of her mother, he would naturally think of her mother and aunt who died because of her. It is undeniable that he hated Lin Shuang, because two of her own relatives had passed away. Although her mother's condition could not be cured, if Lin Shuang did not kill her aunt,fake ficus tree, her mother might live one or two more years, so that he could spend more time with her, but everything was destroyed by Lin Shuang.

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