Human Bone Eight Delicacies Soup _ Ghost Horse Star _ txt Novel Paradise

"My face is always oily recently. How many kinds of cosmetics I have used are not good. I really have a headache." Dai Rou said she uses a mask for combination skin. "The mint smell is really good. It's cool and refreshing. I like it." "Mine is also good. It has a strong taste of Chinese medicine. It feels like a cure." Du Xiaomei was lying comfortably, and at the moment Zhao Yanshu was carefully applying a facial mask for her. Moran, where's yours? Dai Rou asked. Not bad, it's comfortable. Moran closed her eyes to rest, Jiang Rongxi was brushing the mask layer by layer on her face with a soft brush, gently, itching, so comfortable, she felt almost asleep. I haven't been as relaxed as I am today in a long time. Dai Rou sighed. Are you busy with your work recently? I called your office several times, and they said you weren't there. Du Xiaomei asked Dai Rou. Did you call at dinner time? "In fact, I called every time. I called your office at 9, 10, 11, 2, 3, 4 p.m., but you were always not there. Then I called your home,hydraulic fitting manufacturer, but I still couldn't find you." "What is your urgent need for me?" Dai Rou's voice was as cold as ice. Du Xiaomei did not answer. Is there a mistake in the phone number? Jiang Rongxi interrupted. If it is the wrong phone number, the other party should answer that there is no such person, not that she is not there. Moran answered. That's right Du Xiaomei said. Why are you hiding from Amy? Moran couldn't help asking Dai Rou. What am I doing here if I'm avoiding her? Dai Rou said confidently. That's true. Moran Road. There was a silence. Are you all right. Ginger? After a while, Du Xiaomei asked in a light tone. No itching, no pain, that means OK. Jiang Rongxi's tone is relaxed. What about you, Yanshu? Du Xiaomei asked. It smells like roses. It smells so good. I love the smell. Zhao Yanshu said in a grateful tone. Do you remember when we last had a party? Dai Rou sighed with emotion,pipe fittings manufacturer, "It's been six or seven years in a flash." "Yes." I don't know who answered. At that time, we always get together to rip off Liao Yongli, which is no way, who let him have money, and he is so fond of showing off. Isn't that right, Moran? That's a great friend you got us. Dai Rou said. Of the five, Moran was the first to know Liao Yongli. They used to be neighbors. When Moran was a child, her parents were very busy with their work and often entrusted her to the care of Liao's grandmother next door. So Liao Yongli, who was three years older than her, was almost half of her family. Later, when they became adults, they became good friends because they were like-minded and had a special love for food. So when the cooking club was active, 38 tube fitting ,stainless steel tube fitting, Moran introduced Liao Yongli, who had graduated from university and was planning to open her own restaurant, to her four club sisters. Unexpectedly, Liao Yongli won the favor of all his sisters as soon as he appeared, which of course had something to do with his generosity. However, it takes a lot of spittle to talk about this section. Moran doesn't want to say anything at the moment. She just wants to have a good rest, so she just gives a vague hum as an answer. I remember him as a very generous man. Jiang Rongxi answered. Yes, he's probably too generous. This is Du Xiaomei's cold voice. Now that Liao Yongli is Du Xiaomei's husband, what reason is there to discuss his absurd behavior before marriage? Moran is too lazy to talk. Although Liao Yongli meets her almost every week and invites her to dinner, it has nothing to do with love. If she is not a registered nutritionist, has always had a set of views on food, and can advertise his restaurant for free in the food column, she will not believe that he will spend money on her. Men are very utilitarian, which she is convinced. However, if Du Xiaomei knew that she met her husband every week, she would jump up. Moran closed his eyes and dozed off. She vaguely heard several girlfriends talking about the past again. Suddenly, an idea flew through her mind, as if, as if there was something wrong, but what was it? She couldn't think of it. She wanted to find the root cause of her troubles, but the heavy sleepiness came to her in waves. Maybe she was too tired today. It took her almost two and a half hours to get from the city to Du Xiaomei's villa. It was really too far.. The uncomfortable feeling is getting duller and duller. She just felt so sleepy, so sleepy. www。 Xiaoshuotxt. C o m [t. Xt small, say [Heaven] 7. Eight delicacies soup of human bone The next morning, Moran woke up to find herself lying on the bed in the guest room, and Zhao Yanshu was standing beside her bed with a smile. You're up. She asked in a confused way. You slept so soundly that I didn't have the heart to wake you. But we have to leave after breakfast. Dai Rou has booked the car and will arrive at 9:30. "All right then." Moran sprang to his feet. She quickly put on her clothes and cleaned up a little in front of the mirror, while Zhao Yanshu sat on the edge of the bed to tidy up her luggage. Watching her put cosmetics, underwear, slippers, medicine bottles and pajamas into her travel bag, Moran could not help wondering. Yeon-sook, didn't Yung-hee live with me last night? "You said you robbed my room yesterday, and you forgot." Zhao Yanshu laughed and scolded. Rob your room? Isn't this my room with Yung Hee? "This is my room!" Zhao Yanshu corrected, "Yesterday you slept in my room in a muddle and locked the door, which made it difficult for me to go home, so I had to squeeze together with Rong Xi." Moran vaguely remembered that she had been the first to go to the bedroom last night, but she could not remember which one she had entered. She found that there was a mark on the right side of her face, so she used a comb dipped in water to comb through her hair, deliberately left a small tuft of hair on that side of her face, just to cover the mark. Really, how could she sleep so soundly? Moran thought with chagrin,tube fitting manufacturer, is the bed in the villa softer? Not really, maybe she was too tired yesterday. She packed up and went downstairs with Zhao Yanshu. By this time, Jiang Rongxi and Dai Rou were already sitting on the sofa in the living room waiting.

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