Movie King's Domestic Plush

Ordinary people see parents, son-in-law must come to give gifts, or what is missing to send, or send some commonly used things, in short, can always find the right gift. But Tu Jingyi's parents. What can a fox spirit lack at the beginning of the world? "You don't have to take anything with you. The two of them are so close to heaven and earth that they don't need anything.". You can rest assured that they are very good, and this time they want to see you. Tu Jingyi thought about it and said, "It's also possible to talk about the demon Dan." He Linlang was not afraid, but he still had some misgivings. What Tu Jingyi said is not unreasonable, even if Tu Shan's ancestors need anything, it is not what he, a small human, can give. But even if he can give things that the ancestors do not need, to meet the parents of the lover, this courtesy must be done thoroughly. They may not need it, but he Linlang has to prepare. In the evening, He Linlang told his parents and elder brother about it, and the family discussed the idea in the WeChat group. Tu Jingyi came out of the bath to see, guess what he Linlang was thinking, also do not persuade, follow the discussion together. Otherwise If they are free tomorrow, let's go to Tushan together. Tu Jingyi chatted and suddenly said, "My parents are uncertain when they wake up, and they don't know when they will wake up this time.". And I haven't taken my uncle and aunt and my two brothers and sisters-in-law to Tushan to have a good time. He Linlang heard a meal and knew what Tu Jingyi's unfinished words meant. When Tu Jingyi's parents fell asleep this time and woke up again,Grey Marble Slab, his parents must have died long ago, and this is the only chance for both parents to meet. All right, I'll ask them. He Linlang immediately threw out questions in the group. As early as when He Linlang and his family discussed the problem of demon Dan, they had talked about the meeting between their parents. They originally thought that there was no chance to see Tu Jingyi's parents, at most to see Tu Jingyi's elder brother, the result did not expect the opportunity to come so suddenly. The next day is not a rest day, they have already arranged the itinerary, it is very difficult to free up time immediately, but for this matter,Stone Honeycomb Panel, they have made all the plans to move back and buy tickets to Tushan. Tu Jingyi see this, simply send a message to his eldest brother also called back to Tushan, the two families formally meet, it is best that everyone is in, the lack of one always feel uncomfortable. Tu Shu: OK, I'll check the ticket. Tu Tu: Big brother, what about the sister-in-law you mentioned last time? Why don't you bring them back together? Tu Shu: Let me ask him if he wants to come. Tu Tu: Eh?! Did you catch up with that tone?! Who, who! Tu Shu: Well, he hasn't relented yet, but I think it's almost done. As for who it is, if he is willing to come to Tushan, don't you know when you see it? Tu Tu: Unexpectedly still engage in mystery, cut. Tu Tu: Come on, my brother. Don't embarrass our Tu family. Do you know? Settle down early. You have more than five thousand old foxes. If you don't settle down, who wants you. Tu Shu: Old Fox Force? Tu Tu: I have something to find Xiao Liu brother, do not say, bye Mada! Tu Jingyi laughed twice and sent a message to Liu Lange to explain the situation. Then he invited Liu Lange and Shi Ge back to Tushan for dinner. For Tu Jingyi, Marble Projects ,white marble mosaic, his family included not only his parents and brothers, but also his brother Xiao Liu, who had accompanied him since childhood, and his brother Shi, who was cold-faced and warm-hearted. Now there are also his wife, teacher He, and his uncle and aunt, brothers and sisters-in-law of the He family. Don't tell me, it's so happy. The author has something to say: Thank you for your support. Period attack, pain to death, almost did not get up today code into words. Chapter 61 Thinking about letting Mr. He and his parents meet before everyone arrived, Tu Jingyi flew back to Tushan early in the morning. Mountain Spirit Festival has passed, the ban has been lifted, Tu Shan began to accept human access, Tu Jingyi and He Linlang sat on the platform, deliberately hidden appearance, was not recognized by the people and demons inside. After going up the mountain, Tu Jingyi and He Linlang slowly went up with the crowd, like ordinary tourists, occasionally talking in a low voice. Halfway through the line, Tu Jingyi figure a flash, with He Linlang turned into a path, disappeared in front of people, the road was covered by Tu Jingyi buried array, in addition to his family, no one can break in, no one can find there is a road. The two of them first went back to Tu Jingyi's house to settle down and rest, and then continued to climb up. Tu Jingyi's parents did not live in a well-built house like Tu Jingyi's. They were close to nature and stayed in the cave all the year round. According to Tu Jingyi's words, no one in the world can compare with his parents curtilage, thousands of years behind closed doors, who can do it? It is said to be a cave house, but in fact it is a cave on the cliff behind the top of Tu Mountain. The location is not difficult to find, but the last time he Linlang came, he did not walk this way, looking down from the cliff, only to find that there is a hole here. The cave was not deep. They walked slowly inside. He Linlang was carrying two bags in his hand. They were discussing the gifts they had prepared together. He Linlang looked at the cave as he walked. Found here unexpectedly simple, there is no living utensils, everything maintains the original appearance of the cave, the four sides are full of stones, and some weeds unwilling to be lonely, growing in groups. But it is such a slightly depressed cave that gives birth to a sense of awe for no reason. He Linlang knew that this must be because of Tu Jingyi's parents. Mom and Dad! They soon came to the corner of the cave, and when they turned in, there was a hole that was the same as the outside, even smaller. There are two red foxes with half jaws and eyes inside. As soon as he Linlang stepped in, his footsteps stopped unconsciously. There were no lights or windows, but he could see everything clearly, as if he Linlang's parents were emitting a halo of light, as if the cave, which should have been dark, was already shining. The two foxes were connected at the end, with silky black limbs, each wrapped around the other's long and dense red tail. If the outside of He Linlang saw such a scene, it must be itching, eager to rub and hug,Artificial Marble Slabs, but now see the two of them, but no other thoughts, only peace and intimacy.

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