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Despite immense medical and technological advancements we still do not have a cure of many diseases; it is just an open and endless void. A psychiatrist cannot cure a person suffering from anxiety or mental breakdown with only medicines. He mainly relies on psychiatrists’ therapy sessions and sometimes he suggests to keep an *ESA dog* to the patient. Yes, you are getting it right, esa letter for housing means 'emotional support animal', such animals are specially trained dogs which help you to cure your mental health issues. Stats show that people in America trust this treatment rather than taking regular medicines.



The technological advancements in this modern era did not happen overnight rather it took centuries to evolve. Once there was no concept of modern cities with all facilities that we are availing today and we were living in villages. Along with agriculture, livestock was the main source of the human diet but at that time it was labour-intensive work. Our affiliation with animals started when we domesticated animals for grazing and protection of our property. Dogs were one of the first domesticated animals and over time we developed a bound with them.


You need to know different pre-requirements for getting a support animal. First of all, you need to book an appointment with a licensed medical health professional or LMHP for your psychological evaluation. Only an LMHP is qualified to issue you an emotional support animal letter after a therapy session. He might ask you to fulfil a questionnaire based on forty to fifty multiple-choice questions. Such performa would evaluate you physically and psychologically; if the problem can be solved by medicine then you are good to go.


The situation can become complex if such students get an assignment with a short deadline. Writing an essay has always remained a difficult task to handle and most students often feel depressed which can lead to anxiety and mental health issues. For such students, the best way to remain safe and healthy is to get an ESA dog as they provide unconditional love and affection to their owners. I am writing down some benefits of keeping an ESA and how it is helping students to cope with mental health issues.


It rarely happens as people mostly feel comfortable in the presence of a pet and prefer to have one. But they can only become eligible after getting an ESA Letter. It provides different privileges to the dog and his owner i.e. he can keep a pet where usually pets are not allowed like in some rental residential areas and overseas flights. Their popularity and effectiveness show that they really help their owners to cope up with mental health issues. Students go through a lot of academic, personal and sometimes professional challenges and often feel depressed.


Production of neurotransmitters


Neurotransmitters are very important when it comes to making a person happy as they connect different parts of the brain. Keeping an ESA generates dopamine that is neurochemical associated with bonding and love. Dogs help the production of such neurochemicals, unlike antidepressants that increase the production of serotonin level. Sometimes the level of dopamine increases just by looking at your ESA thus students can benefit a lot by having such an animal.


ESA and complex assignments


Sometimes it is very difficult for students to comprehend all subjects or specific topics in a short period. In simple words, they cannot learn anything when their brain is not focused. Such a situation can be avoided altogether by having an ESA and it would calm your soul. You just need to look into his eyes; the deepness and affection would enable you to learn quickly and eloquently. If a student feels a lot of anxiety especially during exams then a support animal helps him to cope with it.


Unconditional love


Unlike your human friends, an ESA does not need anything in return; rather it provides unconditional love and affection to its owner. Students need to be loved, to take care of, and to feel something special that they experience by having an ESA. ESA connects with students and provides everything they need. Once they get the affection they can focus on their studies and later enjoy the benefit of being an ESA owner.


Work in conjunction


ESA do not only provide love and support to students rather they integrate into certain treatment models. It delivers relief to students in the form of conjunction and with other cognitive-behavioural treatment. Sometimes students cannot focus on their studies after a psychiatrist therapy session but an ESA definitely helps them to work with mindfulness and to be focused on their studies.


Justly like any other human students also feel differently throughout the day. It is a common phenomenon that human emotions cannot remain the same throughout the day. In simple words, they are unable to handle or regulate their feelings when it comes to taking care of themselves. Having an ESA enables students to regulate their feelings as they can carry it to the college or university campus.


Provide social support


Students need a lot of social support when it comes to interaction with fellow human beings. If a student is an introvert he cannot socialized and often feel alone in a campus full of people. An ESA not only provides social support but it enables him to interact and engage with people and discuss daily affairs. In such a situation the companionship of an ESA provides comfort and a chance to socialize with people. For more information regarding an esa letter, visit


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