A good hand is worth a thousand pieces of gold

Tangli this doctor is very successful, and Tangli has finally learned the power of ancient communication, even if there is no advanced and fast media channels, only word of mouth, the power still can not be underestimated. Tangli sat in Laojunguan for only three days, and the name of the miraculous doctor spread like wildfire. The patients who came to seek medical treatment were lined up from the gate of Laojunguan Mountain to the foot of the mountain, day after day, so that the mountain path was crowded with people. Tangli came early every morning and did not go home until it was dark. She was tired, but she was satisfied. Sure enough, she was still suitable to be a doctor. But TangLi also didn't think of, because of see a doctor but also attracted trouble, this trouble is yuezhou first number one playboy, magistrate childe Wu Jiu, and then caused a sensation throughout the city of yuezhou event. Chapter 137 spoils the scenery & nbsp & nbsp & nbsp Tangli sits in Laojunguan. Tangli sat in Laojunguan. She was famous for her excellent medical skills. When those who had difficult and complicated diseases that had not been cured for a long time heard about it, they all came to Laojunguan. For a time, Laojunguanguan was overcrowded. Fortunately, Mr. Jinjie and Yu Xinglan shared some of the patients in the past, otherwise Tangli really didn't even have time to drink water. It was snowing at sunset, and the mountain path was slippery and difficult to walk. Unless an acute illness had to be treated, no one else would go up the mountain this day. Therefore, Laojunguan, which had been busy for half a month, was finally quiet. Tangli finally had time to enjoy the scenery while eating tea in the Bamboo Forest House. This Bamboo Forest House was originally the penance place of the first Mr. Jinjie. Since the last time he was seriously ill and almost lost his life, Mr. Jinjie was relieved. He no longer practiced penance blindly. It was Tangli's idea to be relieved. He realized with Mr. Jinje's words. As for what he realized, Tangli did not ask, and it was estimated that he would not say even if he asked Mr. Jinje. Tangli was quite self-aware, and she had no wisdom to understand the truth of Buddhism and Taoism,white marble slabs, so it was better not to ask, so as not to make a joke. However, Yu Xinglan and even Chang Rongchang were talking about Taoism with Mr. Jinjie, but there were questions and answers. The three of them were in full swing. Tangli listened carefully for a while at the beginning, but the more she listened, the more confused she became. Later, I felt a little dizzy, so I stopped listening and concentrated on enjoying the scenery. The snow began to fall at noon yesterday. At first, it was only fine snow particles, but when it was dark,grey marble slab, it became bigger. The snow flakes fell like goose feathers, and soon it was a thick layer. It was snowing heavily, and the mountain road was difficult to walk. Tangli sent a message to the licorice family, saying that she would not go back, so she would stay at Laojunguan. The cheap mother was dissatisfied with her staying outside. She wanted to see that in the face of Laojunguan, she would not scold herself too much. What's more, it was not that she did not go home. Isn't it snowing. Because I stayed at Laojunguan last night, I had a chance to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the snow pressing the green bamboo today. This bamboo forest is quiet and quiet, but now the snow presses the bamboo branches. A gust of wind passes by, and the bamboo leaves rustle, shaking down the branches and falling snow, like flowers flying catkins, like broken jade Qiongyao, which is really beautiful to the extreme. I don't know if the scenery is too beautiful, but the three people who are talking about it are all quiet, and for a moment they only hear the sound of falling snow. In fact, although the three people next to him were talking about Tao, their attention did not leave Tangli. Although the identity of Tangli was unknown to the people outside, Granite Slab Supplier ,Slate Wall Panel, the three people present were all clear. Mr. Jinjie knew this from Chang Rong's mouth. At first, he was quite surprised. Later, when he thought about it, he realized that the daughter of the magistrate of Ye County was really a strange woman. Not to mention her mysterious medical skills, it was not an ordinary woman who dared to walk in public like this. Although she dressed up as a man in the end is a woman, although the ethics of the beam is not too harsh, but also a lot of constraints on women, especially Tangli or the daughter of the magistrate, it is strange to come out and walk around, but this also came to Laojunguan to see a doctor, if this matter spread out, I am afraid it will hinder her reputation, can see her calm meaning, unexpectedly not afraid, such a strange woman, it is really admirable. And Yu Xinglan is the same as Master Chang, the three of them have the same idea, so although they know the identity of Tangli, they don't say broken, when he is still Ye Tang, and because of this, Tangli has been in Laojunguan for more than half a month, and no one is suspicious, even if they think she was born handsome, they didn't contact the woman, thanks to the experience of Tangli in the army in her previous life. Let her body has the military factor, abandoned a little woman's feminine, and appears to be full of heroism. Suddenly a gust of wind blew in the snow outside the house. The other three people were sitting inside, but Tangli stood at the fence of the house because she was greedy for the scenery outside. The snow fluttered all over her body and touched her head. Tangli raised her hand and brushed it, but when she put it down, she looked at a leering face outside the house. Confucius said that both men and women look at the face, so for men's lust, Tangli is not particularly disgusted, then she is a woman does not like handsome men, but lust is also good to have a bottom line, there is a saying that romance is not dirty, after all, beauty is human nature, no one in the world likes ugly. The man outside was so obscene that he knew at a glance that he was not a good thing, and his two eyes seemed to stick to his body, which was really uncomfortable. Tangli frowned. It was a beautiful and quiet place. How could it be so unpleasant? However, this is the house behind Laojunguan. Ordinary pilgrims should not be able to get in. What's more, on such a snowy day, who would come to the mountain to burn incense if it wasn't for the brain. Eyes swept next to Chang Fu's Feng butler, just understand a few minutes, presumably this leering man has a lot of background, otherwise Feng butler will not directly bring people to the Jingshe in the back hill. Look at the age of twenty-five or twenty-six appearance, dress is very decent, but this look can see the wine and women excessive, since the rich housekeeper attracted people to come here, must have a lot of friendship with Master Chang, but Master Chang made friends with such wine and women why? Changrong is also a Leng, suddenly face a heavy, an eye knife glanced at the housekeeper, Feng housekeeper naturally know the master annoyed, but today this matter really blame oneself, this Wu childe with his father is the magistrate of Yuezhou, always misbehave, the family is the richest man in Yuezhou,White Marble Mosaic, this boy although dare not to often remember how, but also often come with the master on friendship, The master is not good to offend Wu Zhifu can only deal with things. forustone.com

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