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Chen Bin received the last threat from Princess Seabuckthorn. However, in his nine-year sword fighting career, whether in the professional circle or in the game, there are too many people who say he is dead. Isn't he still alive and kicking now? Not only Chen Bin, but also Lan Bai didn't take Princess Seabuckthorn to heart any more. Gentleman necklace comes out, the task experience of the whole nine-tailed fox guild will be improved, and after the level of the guild players is improved, they still have a lot of things to do. Barracks copy only nine-tailed fox players can not, but the production of a large number of signature purple PVP copy of the White Tiger Hall and so on, nine-tailed fox with a level advantage, or can play a dozen. Of course, the most important thing now is to prepare for the exhibition match of the opening ceremony of CES. Ye Jiaoyang's side should not deliberately release water, right? The blue and white fingers knocked on the notes of the opening ceremony and asked Chen Bin, "Although it's a performance, it's not interesting to invite actors, and those investors are not without eyes." "You can rest assured that I called to taunt Ye Jiaoyang." "Ye Jiaoyang is already invulnerable to all kinds of poisons. Can you guarantee that he will go all out with a sneer?" Blue and white eyes are very pure to look out of the window, "that completely no competitive spirit of the goods, let him play a game seriously,12 needle valve, I am afraid it is more difficult than let him perform." "Yes." Chen Bin knows Ye Jiaoyang too well. Only when he is interested and curious, and his heart is like a cat scratching, can he really attach importance to a game, and he has done it completely. Ye Jiaoyang's curiosity will kill him one day! Now, do not know where the nine-tailed fox to find three people to play 3v3 Ye Jiaoyang, I am afraid the world is looking for news. When the time comes,brass tube fitting, are you still worried that he won't go all out? At the opening ceremony, Chen Bin was confident to make it the most classic exhibition match in the history of sword fighting! "Let's start preparing," Blue and White said. "The exhibition matches we're going to play are all in the Cs competition system. Although they're not 5v5, they still use the standard big picture of 5v5. The rules have not changed from the past. The opening 1v1 is a normal attack. The winner chooses the map. The exhibition matches only play half a game, a total of 15 games.." "Well," Chen Bin took the blue and white hand of the color brochure, "this year's CS competition, all added a new map?" "Dota competition system and Kof competition system have also been added." Blue and white took a U disk to him, "anyway, there are only three competition systems in the professional sword competition. I just asked King to come over all the new maps. You can have a look first." "Good." Chen Bin nodded with a smile and took the U disk. Of course, he could only look at it. The latest competition map is only available in the special training server, not on the ladder. They have not built a team now, and naturally they are not qualified to enter the training server. They can not touch the new map at all. Speaking of, 14 needle valve ,hydraulic fitting supplier, have you chosen the three people who play 3v3? Blue and white suddenly thought of a very important question. Whoo, wave your paws, ask for tickets.. Chapter 443 preparing for war! Rival Red Nest! Not only is the blue and white concerned about this issue, next to Yongye, Xiao Cang and even Xiao Ya all focused their eyes on Chen Bin. Now the nine-tailed fox looks like a strong player like a cloud. They have the first main God of sword fighting, the retreating hand of the champion team, the top god-level characters of other games, the steady No.1 position that may not be seen for a hundred years, the PK master whose server can be ranked in the top ten, the powerful newcomer whose game intuition is like a plug-in, and the top three hundred players in the ladder. And the powerful palm Emei with amazing hand speed and unlimited potential. … If it is as an ordinary team, the starting point of the nine-tailed fox is already so high that it is amazing. In just two months, we can come up with such a line-ups. No other new team, even crying and waving a checkbook, can do it! But that's just an ordinary team. The nine-tailed fox's requirements for itself have never been positioned above the "ordinary team"! Now, they are going to directly challenge Red Nest, the most promising team to win the annual points championship this year, in the exhibition match! To tell you the truth, Lan Bai is really beating a drum in his heart. Relative to Xiao Cang and Yongye's confusion, the blue and white heart is bright. Because the blue and white have played against the red nest, and not once or twice. Red Nest team from the leader to the substitute, the entire list of ten people, all are first-class professional players! Therefore, the Red Nest team basically does not have any main force and substitutes, whether the main force or substitutes, the opportunity to play is equal. The Red Nest is so strong that they have no bench players at all! The strength of the team is average. There are many players who can stand on top, and the gorgeous play will come out. CES League, as the only event with on-the-spot substitution quota in the whole year's large and small points competitions. It's the stage of the Red Nest. At present, there are three competition systems in the professional circle of sword fighting, namely Dota competition system, Cs competition system and Kof competition system. The organizers of each event can freely choose one of the three competition systems, but no multiple choices are allowed. For example, the AMD Star Team Invitational in early May chose the Dota competition system. To be honest, the Dota competition system is a typical result-based competition system, which is based on the demolition of buildings, so it requires a high level of team execution. In the past, May in Red Nest was Black May every year, because they were bound to lose points on the nine-tailed fox in this competition system. However, every year in the CES league in June, in the hot summer,38 needle valve, the Red Nest team can show their fiery enthusiasm to their heart's content. The CES summer league does not adopt the Dota competition system, and the execution of the nine-tailed fox is greatly reduced. If there is no accident, the Red Nest can definitely beat the nine-tailed fox. Take all the championship points. Wait a minute Xiao Cang was a little confused when he heard Lan Bai say that he was worried about the competition system of the summer competition. "Why doesn't the Cs competition emphasize team execution?" 。

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