5 Advantages Of Betting On Esports

Whether you're a conventional sports bettor or searching for something more important, allow me to share five advantages of betting on esports.

Esports is really a booming industry, which produced over $1bn in revenue in 2019 alone. Not only that, but now professionals compete in multi-million dollar tournaments which are watched by huge numbers of people worldwide.

As with any sport which has a big following, it doesn’t require much for people to want so that you can bet about it. Skip forward to 2020, as well as a variety of large bookmakers and exchanges offer extensive esports categories which you can wager on.

Having said that, listed below are five reasons why esports is a good option.

It’s an increasing industry

Inspite of the jaw-dropping numbers, esports continues to be a lot rolling around in its infancy, specially when you compare it towards the likes of football or horse racing. There’s no manifestation of the growth stopping either, with all the participation and audience numbers continuing to rise year on year.

Also, compared to other other sports, it may be played throughout every season, meaning there’s no need to wait for season to start. Not only this, but there are countless different games within esports, from League of Legends and Dota 2, to Call of Duty and in many cases Rocket league - meaning there’s something for all.

That means that now is an opportune time and energy to discover the ropes and have involved with it, causing you to a sharper bettor than most before it will become mainstream.

It’s accessible

Since there are top-level esports clashes happening throughout the year, finding something to view couldn’t be easier - especially as regular matches as well as big tournaments are streamed totally free on various websites such as Twitch. This can be in stark contrast to classical sports that will often ask you to sign up for an expensive service or platform.

The fact that esports are so easily accessible has led to massive viewing numbers for his or her tournaments - in 2019 the League of Legends World Championship taken in 100 million viewers alone.

Precisely the same, but different

Exactly what can often be surprising to those who're not familiar with esports, is many of the markets available are identical to the markets you would find on the average football match.

As an example, you may well be considering betting on your own first Dota 2 match, but stumbled upon a market referred to as “Moneyline”. This can be the identical to the “winner” market on football matches. There’s also an array of handicap bets, just like there are in football - as well as “first blood”, which is in which you bet over a certain team to find the first kill within a match, exactly like the first goal scorer in football.

It is possible to bet on esports with cryptocurrencies

As soon as the much-needed crackdown on “skins betting” as it’s known, which is the wagering of in-game items instead of money, some websites made the make room to presenting the cryptocurrencies. This will range between known ones like Ethereum to more specialist cryptocurrencies like SkinCoin. This provides alternative ideas to bet, and makes all the marketplace a lot more accessible.

There’s always a new challenge

The games that are employed for esports are similar to another software application, in the sense they are constantly re-evaluated and maintained, with developers making changes and enhancements towards the gameplay. This will lead to new characters, items, abilities and in many cases stages/maps being tweaked - meaning there’s always a new challenge to obtain pumped up about.

Besides this, new games will almost always be being made, creating an ever-changing landscape that's almost possible to lose interest of. So, whereas most mainstream sports stay mostly exactly the same, esports are always evolving, keeping it interesting for gamers and bettors alike.

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