The Supreme Way of the Other World

"What would you do if the Empire had to deal with the Northwest Provinces?" Said Laurie suddenly. Stunned! In the face of Laurie's abrupt question, Princess Elvira and Naci looked at each other. Immediately, Princess Elvira looked a little unnatural and said, "How could it be?"? You are the count of the Empire, and the Northwest Province is the territory of the Empire. How can the Empire deal with the Northwest Province? So to say, but Princess Elvira has no bottom in her heart. I don't know why, Princess Elvira doesn't want this day to come very much, but when she thinks of her brother, she really worries about what Lorry said. Arthur is on his way to the Podona Empire. Laurie picked up a goblet on the stone table beside him and shook it gently. "Maybe someone will do something to him." If the gods really wanted to deal with the Northwest Province, Arthur, who had entered the Great Kang Empire and headed for the Bodonla Empire, would certainly not be able to pass through safely. Under Lorry's magical perception, he was already vaguely sure what was about to happen, so he asked Princess Elvira. Hearing Lorry's words, the wise Princess Elvira certainly knew what it meant. Now the Great Kang Empire, with the support of the God of War Richie,large artificial blossom trees, is obviously less cautious about Lorry than before. This is evident in the subjugation of the House of Lanjos and the removal by Emperor Allen of the head of the First Legion of the Empire of Archduke Heron. Looking blankly at the waters of the West Sea in the distance, Princess Ivy murmured, "What else can I do?"? Now I don't want to go back to the past, and I can't care about the Clarence family. When she came to her senses, Princess Elvira said to Laurie, "You don't have to think about me. What happens between you has nothing to do with me anymore. I'm just a simple woman." Princess Elvira's statement was not unexpected to Laurie,faux ficus tree, and he could not help sighing in his heart. The Grand Duke of Rock and the Grand Duke of Helong contacted him frequently, indicating that they were willing to merge the family's power into the Northwest Province. Lorry never said anything, but he didn't want to mess up the relationship between the Northwest Province and the Great Kang Empire. Since Lian Dakang Empire really wanted to deal with him, Lorry felt that he should promise Grand Duke Lorry and Grand Duke Helong to enter the northwest. He took one look and said, "Naxi!" "Young Master!" "Have you captured the leader of the Hunters after more than a year of fighting with the Cassius Empire?" Asked Laurie. Nacy felt a little uncomfortable, and then she looked at Laurie and wagged her tail. "No, sir!" She said! Is Naxi useless? "Silly girl!" Laurie said with a smile, "After all, there are hundreds of thousands of hunters in the Hunter Adventure Group. You can contact the Grand Duke of Rock and the Grand Duke of Helon and let them come to the northwest. Also, you can bring the giant Truss and their former Cassius Empire to meet them." Naci immediately replied, "Yes!"! Young master! Princess Elvira suddenly said, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,outdoor ficus tree, "Rory, I'll go too!" Rory nodded casually. "Take some of my gold medals with you when you go, or you'll have some trouble getting in and out of the magic array." "Yes," answered Naci and Princess Elvira. "Lorry, what if the Cassius Empire is determined not to let us pass?" Asked Princess Elvira. Lorry took a slow sip of his wine and then said, "Then go straight there!" Brush! The eyes of Naci and Princess Elvira lit up at the same time. What about you, young master? Laurie glanced at Naci and whispered, "You two go at ease. I'll meet you in secret." Naci and Princess Elvira looked at each other and ran down happily from the top of the West Sea Lake Peninsula. Lorry knew that if Naxi went out of the Northwest Province, the beast God Londo would surely come up, so he had to take care of Naxi secretly. Lorry, who had refined a mysterious magic weapon, was also sure to resist the gods outside the Northwest Province. His arrangement is just to grasp some initiative. Since the spirits wanted to deal with him, Laurie did not mind playing with them. On January 10, 2003, the Great Kang Empire suddenly issued a statement forbidding the Metal Magic Puppet Group led by Arthur of Northwest Province to enter the Great Kang Empire, otherwise, it would not be ruled out that it would be unable to expel. January eleventh. Miss Narcissus of the North West Province, with a thousand mighty Titan warriors, suddenly launched an attack on the Cassius Empire. For a time, the seven continental empires and the Poseidon Empire in the material world were shocked by it. Chapter 121: The Mystery of Space Chapter 121: The Mystery of Space Not counting Rory, as the only alchemist in the Northwest Province, Arno is the most familiar person with metal magic puppets. Besides Rory and Titan Truss, Arthur is also one of the few people who can command metal magic puppets. This time, Nassijano led five hundred metal magic war puppets to support the Podona Empire. Another reason is that in the last two years, Arthur led the powerful metal magic war puppets to fight with the Light Legion led by Randolph of the Holy Dragon Empire many times. Arthur is familiar with the way the Holy Dragon Empire fights. Starting from the Northwest Province, with five hundred cold metal magic war puppets, Arthur spared the Cassius Empire from the border of the Orc Empire to enter the Dakang Empire, but let the army stationed at the border of the Dakang Empire block it. This was something that Arthur had never thought of. He couldn't figure out that the Northwest Province Metal Magic Puppet Group, which had supported Dakang against the allied forces of the four empires, was forbidden to enter by the imperial army. What is this? Arthur was very angry. Trying to become a master of alchemy, he did not study the operation of the metal magic puppet, nor the principle of the brilliant ring, and Arthur, who was already very angry, became even more angry. Not to mention the Great Kang Empire, he stayed on the border of the Orc Empire and attracted the attention of the Orc Army. A large number of Orc Wolf Riders began to assemble a plan to defend the Metal Magic Puppet Group. And these wolf cavalry, some of them,outdoor palm trees, were once the border guards of the Northwest Province. Gradually, Arthur felt that something was wrong. Everything in the North West Province, Lorry completely devolved with the Fox girl Naci.

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