List of Animals that can be Kept as ESA - 2021 Guide

Have you ever wondered if your pet is included in the list of commonly considered emotional support animals? Or are you thinking of having an emotional support animal letter but wondering which one to pick? Here is a list of nine animals that are commonly used as ESAs. 



  • Dogs


Dogs are excellent pets, and they serve as good emotional support animals also. This is because dogs are considered very loyal, and they have a strong recognition of their owners. 


Moreover, dogs are good at sensing the moods of their owners also. This is why dogs are the most commonly considered emotional support animals. 


  • Cats


Another widely used emotional support animal is a cat. Cats are more dependent on their owners. Some people just naturally connect with cats more than dogs. 


Cats are easy to keep in a small house that does not have a lawn. They are safer animals also. You may consider a cat as an ideal emotional support animal.


  • Birds


Another popular choice for an emotional support animal is the birds. Birds are low maintenance. They are relatively more intelligent than other common pets. This is the reason they can even learn or replicate human language. A person emotionally dependent on a bird can easily spend his time language training a bird or talking to them. 


  • Rabbits


Rabbits are the best considered emotional support animals for apartments. This is because rabbits do not bark or growl. Hence they would not be disturbing your neighboring apartments. 


Rabbits are also easier to train. The best part is that bunny bonding is excellent emotional support for people in need of emotional help. 


  • Ferrets


Ferrets are like mini-dogs. They are now being used as pets or emotional support animals by many people. Ferrets have great energy, which makes them an ideal source of emotional support. 


You can play with Ferrets in the park. You can also take them on long walks. They are just smaller versions of cats and dogs. You can do all activities with them that you can do with a cat or dog. 


  • Hamsters


Physically disabled people who need emotional support can easily keep hamsters with them. They are also a great choice for people living in combined hostels or apartments. 


A hamster is most likely to live in its cage. You can take them out of the cage to play. Fluffy hamsters naturally give a relaxing feel to depressed people. 


  • Snakes 


The usage of snakes as emotional support animals is rare, but some people still get very much attached to them. These are not wild snakes. They have to be domesticated before being used as emotional support animals. 


A benefit of using snakes as emotional support animals is that they are least likely to cause any ESA Letter allergic reactions or other such diseases. 


Snakes are again a good choice for those who can not afford to roam their pets around. They are also good for people who do not want noise-making animals. 


  • Horses


Horses are a perfect choice for people who have faced emotional issues due to abandonment. Horses have a longer lifespan than most other pet animals. This will help the owner to make a longer emotional bond with them. 


Mostly ponies are used as emotional support animals. The only strain that they could cause to their owner is the space that they require. 


  • Pigs


Do not imagine the old messy, and noisy version of pigs. Nowadays, there are small pigs that are increasingly being kept as pets. These pigs are domesticated. Pigs are very intelligent, so they can be trained well in only a short period. 


Pigs can be cuddled, scratched, and played with easily. They are becoming increasingly common as emotional support animals. 




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