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Gan Fengfeng shouted, "Brother Jiao, pick the stars and run away!" Said, the man has chased in. As soon as he heard that it was Xiao Jiao, he saw that he had quietly sealed the acupoints of more than twenty of his brothers. His heart was broken and his courage was cracked. He could not even defeat a witch in red. He lost a hand. If he did not escape, would he still have a life? So he fled to the backyard with the two ghosts of the Han River. Xiao Xiaolin saw that Gan Fengfeng went in alone. Worried that she was in danger, she pulled her husband Zhao Zirong and said, "Let's go after her, too. Don't call my little sister in danger." Zhao Zirong is a chivalrous man, how can he not go? Then nod: "Madam, we chase quickly!" We chase quickly! They also went in together. Little Jiaoer was even more worried about Gan Fengfeng's safety. He said to Master Wuxin, "Master, now is not the time to talk about the old days. When tonight's business is over, I will visit Master Yongquan Temple in person tomorrow. Please don't interfere in tonight's business." "Amitabha, I will be waiting for you, Shaoxia.". I know Shaoxia is kind-hearted and will not hurt more people. Xiao Jiaoer said, "If I hadn't listened to what the master said just now, I'm afraid all the people who jumped on the tile would have become corpses." Amitabha! Sun-ya! Sun-ya! Shaoxia, if you are so kind, you will be rewarded. Little Jiaoer was worried about Gan Fengfeng. She didn't want to say any more. She said, "Master, I'm leaving for the time being. See you tomorrow." As he spoke, the man jumped onto the tile and disappeared into the night sky. Master Wuxin sighed when he saw it. Master Wuxin,pietra gray marble, Huang Qishi sent him to Fujian General Hall to protect the Dharma. It can be said that he sent the wrong person. What he protected was not the Dharma of kamikaze, but human life. No matter the enemy or his own people, he treated them equally. He almost killed the star. Little Jiaoer didn't have to look around and call at all, but followed the smell left by Gan Fengfeng. At this time, the Fujian General Hall of the Kamikaze Sect was empty, and they all fled in all directions. Xiaojiaoer tracked to the mountains, only to see the intersection leading to the Minjiang River, Gan Fengfeng,Agate Stone Price, the black swordsman couple met with the woodcutter and fisherman, and were fighting fiercely with the star plucking, the two ghosts of the Han River and a dozen evil sharks. The black swordsman and his wife still showed mercy under the sword, often controlling the enemy without killing their lives, but the two swordsmen of the woodcutter and the fisherman and Gan Fengfeng were absolutely merciless, killing all of them. The two ghosts of the Han River were killed by Gan Fengfeng's sword and the fisherman's hand one after another. Black swordsman and his wife also hit the hole with a sword and brought down three or four people. When Xiao Jiaoer arrived, there were only two brothers who lived and died together. The rest of them were either dead or badly injured. Black swordsman and his wife have collected their swords and are watching. Although they have lost a hand in picking the star ferry, they are still fighting fiercely and tenaciously. Finally, Gan Fengfeng broke his other arm with a sword. The tip of the sword stuck to the heart of Picking Star and said, "Picking Star, this girl wants to borrow your head. Why do you bother to let so many of your men die in vain?"? Isn't it all right if you lend it to me early? "I will never let you go after I die!" He roared. He threw himself at the sword. If you want to know what's going on, let's see the explanation in the next installment. September Forum "Earth Visitors" Finishing Chapter 41 Wuyi Mountain The last time I talked about picking the star after a loud roar, then the sword. Gan Fengfeng could not imagine that this great thief was still so fierce when he cut himself off, and he was almost startled. With one hand, she beat the body of the star ferry away, and at the same time, Pietra Gray Marble ,Marble Granite Price, the two swordsmen, the woodcutter and the fisherman, both dismissed the two evil sharks. This was the end of the fierce battle: the Star Ferry, the two ghosts of the Han River, and the thirty-six evil sharks were all wiped out, except for the point of sealing the cave. None of them escaped the net, and only some miscellaneous personnel and other underworld figures fled everywhere. A pillar of the kamikaze sect in the southeast fell down in this way. Four or five black swordsmen and Xiao Xiaolin fell to the ground and could not move. At this time, they were busy begging for their lives. Gan Fengfeng asked, "Master Zhao and Nvxia Xiao, what do you think of these five water thieves?" Zhao Zirong took one look at the thieves and said, "Let them go!" The woodcutter said quickly, "Black swordsman, you can't let him go. If you let him go, you will surely harm the fishermen along the coast." Yu Xia said, "They are brothers who live and die together. They used to hijack ships and steal goods in the East China Sea. Their means were extremely cruel. I don't know how many people were killed. I think we should kill them." Black swordsman Zhao Zirong frowned and stopped making a sound. Little Jiaoer said, "Uncle and aunt, I think their martial arts will be ruined. Let them go." "That's all right," said the woodcutter. What do you think, Black Man? Xiao Xiaolin replies: "I agree, lest they endanger common people again." Xiao Jiaoer gave each of the five evil sharks a slap, which not only ruined their martial arts, but also opened their sealed acupoints and said, "You go!"! In the future, if you still have evil thoughts, I'm afraid the fishermen and village women will not let you go. You (bbs.sept5.com September Forum) Earth visitors have sorted themselves out! How dare these five evil sharks speak? One by one hung his head and left in a mess. Black swordsman and his wife just saw Xiaojiaoer under a pat, even waste with solution, strange technique, strange moves, can not help but be greatly convinced. Because the Wuyi Sword Sect uses the sword to hit the acupoint, it has to use the palm of this school to beat the solution, and people from other schools can't beat the solution. However, Xiao Jiaoer did not ask what acupoint was sealed. With the strength of his palm, he not only solved the acupoint they had ordered, but also abolished the martial arts of the thieves. Other displeasure, only the depth of internal force, has been convincing! Xiao Xiaolin couldn't help praising: "Shaoxia, how handsome you are!"! I wonder who the respected teacher is? Gan Fengfeng said, "Nvxia Xiao, he has many masters!"! The virtuous lady of Fanjing Mountain is his master, and the immortal Xu of Sanbuyi is also his master, and the swordsman Yizhimei and his wife have also taught him some kungfu. As soon as the Black Swordsman couple heard that it was Mrs. Dixian and Xu Shenxian, both of whom were famous predecessors in the martial arts world, one was evil and the other was good, they were already surprised. Later, when they heard the strange swordsman Yizhimei and his wife, they were even more shocked. Because Mei Muzining, a chivalrous swordsman, used to be his fellow apprentice, he could not help but change his face and respect each other: "No wonder Shaoxia is so handsome in martial arts. It turns out that you have these experts to guide you." Xiao Jiaoer said, "The younger generation is stupid by nature. Although they have the advice of an expert, they still can't learn 20%. I hope Master Zhao and Nvxia Xiao can give more advice." "You're welcome,Calacatta Nano Glass, little brother," said Black Swordsman! The martial arts of the little brother can look down on all the heroes in the world, which is enviable. 。 forustone.com

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