Only the wind knows the answer.

"You pig," said Karin, "you're tired of me after ten years, aren't you? What do you mean ten years later? You haven't slept with me in two years. You don't hug me when you go out or come home. When I want to kiss you, you turn your head away. My kisses make you sick. Say it, say it makes you sick. I didn't say a word. Speak, you poor coward! Cried Karin. I didn't say a word. You think you can get away with this, but you're wrong. God will punish you. Yes, he will. She began to speak very calmly again. "You beast.". You filthy animal. Yes, you are. Pretend to be attentive on the outside. Karin said, cracking the egg head, "the ladies' lover.". Everyone is fascinated by you. What a charming husband you have, Mrs. Lucas. God,die casting parts, how lovely your husband is, Mrs. Lucas. Why, you must be very happy, Lady Lucas. What an interesting occupation your husband has. How do I answer? Yes, I am happy. He's really charming,Steel investment casting, my husband. He has charisma, really. Incredible charisma. If only these women knew! If only they knew you like I know you. No mask. The real Robert? Lucas 。 You're a sadist. This psycho sadist. The man who cheated and hurt his wife whenever possible. I hope they realize the devil inside of you. Did you hear what I said, Robert? "Yes." I say Just say yes, yes. There's nothing else to say? When you're with bitches, you must be very eloquent. There has been nothing since two years ago. No tenderness, no good words, no touch. When we got married, you didn't make this much. You didn't. I was infatuated with you at that time, and I was crazy about your ability in bed, alloy die casting ,CNC machining parts, and your disgusting sexual perversion. You were a good talker then. How eloquent you are. Love! My God, how you loved me then! She took a spoon to dig eggs and chattered. I'm already dressed and ready to go. She wore a pink morning dress and a kerchief in her golden hair. For a long time, Karin had been wearing morning clothes at home. It wasn't like that before. She has a pretty face and a slightly plump figure, which used to irritate me very much. Her eyes were gray and slanted, and her whole face looked like a cat. The nose is small, the mouth is the same, and the lips are red and bright. Karin had long eyebrows, and she was very proud of them. Her hair was short and clung to her head. She was thirty-eight years old, but there were no wrinkles on her face, no wrinkles on her forehead, and no corners of her eyes when she smiled. But she seldom smiles, and she has long stopped smiling in front of me. I was often told that Karin's pretty face, which was a bit like a rag doll, had no wrinkles. The doll has no wrinkles. Karin, who is ten years younger than me, spends hours putting on makeup and cream on her face to make it smoother. She was also very proud of her young face and young body. She often goes to the sauna, and a masseuse comes to the house twice a week. This is a very nice house in a very quiet and beautiful building with only two tenants on each floor. In fact, the house is too big for two people. There are many things in it that I have been sentimentally attached to for many years, things that I used to like. For example, my extensive collection of paintings. Those precious antique furniture. Those big blankets. Chinese vase. Venetian mirror in the living room. The fireplace in the living room. In the cupboard are many rare things that I brought home from my trip. My collection of records and audio equipment. In my library, the wall of books reaches to the roof. My Renaissance writing desk. My Renaissance-style intricately carved high back chair. The thing on the desk: An insect in the stone, which was found in the department of pregnancy. Goddess of Fortune, carved in ivory, from Singapore. A Mandrake, found in a forest in Finland. A shell in the Pacific Ocean near Honolulu. A tall silver candlestick. Our beautiful English dinnerware. My large collection of Dunhill and Savinelli pipes. Now I don't smoke pipes any more. I only smoke cigarettes. A small bar mounted in a cabinet. Sicilia's pony by the telephone on the table. It was so colorful and petite, with red horse hair, white silk rope, purple saddle, velvet for horse hair and tail, and many small pieces of metal that jingled. It's pulling a two-wheeled cart,socket screw plug, this toy pony.. Our living room is very large. There is a place two steps above. We set up the higher one as a dining room. Foldable tables and chairs covered with green and silver cloth covers. The table can seat twelve people. When it's just the two of us, Karin only plays one corner. We always have breakfast here. I used to love this breakfast spot as much as I love many things in my home. Now I don't like anything anymore. I don't care about anything anymore. Except for my elephant and the Sicilian pony. I also like these things. If someone takes them away from me, I won't be sad for them for long. I'm sad about something else. No one can take these things away from me. It is a pity.

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