How To Make An Explanatory Note Right?

An explanatory note is drawn up not only by students, but also by economists, accountants, lawyers and other specialists. Although the content may vary significantly, the same algorithm can be used and write my papers can work on any type of explanatory note. Therefore, the following rules are taken into account:

  • a business style of presentation of information is selected;
  • it is advisable to use professional terms and standard phrases;
  • it is not allowed to use stereotypical sentences; therefore, it is important to state only the meaningful essence;
  • it is not allowed to include personal opinion in the text;
  • the content depends on the purpose of the note;
  • if a document is drawn up on the basis of a request from the Federal Tax Service, then the activities of the enterprise are described, and data on its income and expenses are also indicated;
  • when compiling an explanation for the scientific work, information is provided about the purpose of the project, its significance and features;
  • during the preparation of the documentation for the technical project, the technical parameters of the created object, the area of its use and the reasons for the formation are indicated; This information should also be sent to the experts from should you order your paper there.
  • if a note to the bill is required, then its sections, the expediency of the introduction and other significant points are given.


How easily people reading this document will be able to assess the significance and value of the project itself depends on the literacy of the preparation of the explanatory note.


General requirements


When compiling a note, standard requirements and conditions must be taken into account. Most companies that work on them, such as include the necessary standards into the account. These include:

  • the specifics of the field of activity in which the compiler works are determined;
  • in each educational institution there is a manual in which requirements are imposed on the form and content of notes;
  • a document is drawn up in printed form on a sheet of standard format paper;
  • only portrait orientation is used;
  • one and a half spacing and font size 12 are selected;
  • it is allowed to include lists in the text, and pagination is also required;
  • after each section, you can attach additional material, as well as use diagrams and tables.


Important! The main requirement is ease of reading, as well as the accuracy and relevance of the information.


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