The cub I raised with my own hands kissed me -- Xiao Xiao Huan

Xiao Yi:? ……………… !!! Who can tell him what the situation is now? General Manager Ba's Quotations Level 10 Attack X Face Sweetheart Soft Daddy Suffer It is also known as "Guide to Raising Overlord" and "The Years When I Was Overlord's Daddy". Content tag: rich and powerful family farming text system sweet text Search keywords: Protagonists: Xiao Yi, Li Mochen Supporting roles: "After rebirth, I was stuck by Xueba School Grass", "Xuanshu Master Dressed as Cannon Fodder Male Partner" for collection Other: Like the little angel remember to collect my duck Chapter 1 No class in the afternoon, Xiao Yi turned on the computer and sat at his desk to conceive a new outline. The afternoon sun shone through the window, warm and drowsy. Xiao Yi stayed in the warm sun, squinting his eyes and watching him fall asleep. Xiao Pang, who was lying in his chair brushing his mobile phone, suddenly gasped. "***!"! Lao Xiao, how did you provoke Wang Lingqiao? Xiao Yi opened his eyes and glanced at him lazily. "What's wrong?" Small fat eyes staring at the mobile phone, a face of excitement, "Wang Lingqiao vowed in the group that this life and you are irreconcilable!"! Why, did you dig someone's ancestral grave? Xiao Yi blinked confusedly, and before he could speak, two other people in the dormitory had already answered for him. Fang Cheng: "Ha ha ha ha, I didn't dig the ancestral graves, but what Lao Xiao did is more immoral than digging the ancestral graves!" Small fat: "How to say?"? Do you know the inside story? Dayuan, who was busy playing games on one side, pushed away the keyboard and said, "Didn't you see that the foreign language department flower that Wang Lingqiao fell in love with yesterday expressed his love to Lao Xiao again!"! Ha ha ha ha! "***!" Xiao Pang opened his eyes wide in shock and couldn't believe it. "How many are these?" Fang Cheng counted on his fingers and said uncertainly, "It's not the one that Wang Lingqiao didn't start chasing. Is it the tenth one?" Dayuan burst out laughing. He got up and sat down at the corner of Xiao Yi's desk. He patted him on the shoulder and said to him with a wink, "Old Xiao?"? How much revenge? Are you digging at the top of Wang Lingqiao's wall? Xiao Yi rolled his eyes and lazily closed the computer without writing a word. "Who stared at his wall and dug?"? Those girls don't know each other at all! Small fat thumbs up, "Niubi!"! To say ruthless or our old Xiao ruthless, people do not know can be dug over, if Wang Lingqiao heard, it is estimated to be angry vomiting blood! Ha ha ha ha! "That must be, who let us Lao Xiao be the public enemy of men!" "Yes, our Lao Xiao is still the champion of the province. In the first semester of school, Keke won the first place, and he is as beautiful as flowers and jade. He is tall and has long legs. Can he attract little girls?"! Want me to say, Wang Lingqiao is the vision is too high, unexpectedly to the department flower class flower that level to look for, may not be our Lao Xiao cut off Hu, ha. …… Three people laugh together, Xiao Yi can only shake his head helplessly, sighing in the heart. The male enemy of farts! Had it not been for these girls who jumped out of nowhere, he would have been single eight hundred years earlier, and he would still be a single dog at the age of twenty. After three people laughed, Dayuan bowed his head and asked Xiao Yi, "Hey, Lao Xiao, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,Carrara Marble Slab, what kind of girl do you like?" Xiao Yi looked up at him, "what's wrong?"? Find out information for others? Dayuan: Yes! Day by day, the girls around you are almost eight hundred without one thousand. What department flower, school flower, class flower, which level you haven't hooked up with, what kind of girl do you like? "Right, right, right," said Xiao Pang. "Old Xiao, get married quickly!"! As long as you, the handsome man, are single for one day, we three clowns will not have the day to come out! Fang Cheng also looked at him longingly, waiting for him to give the right words. Xiao Yi looked at his three roommates, pinched a candy and put it in his mouth. He took two mouthfuls and said with an expressionless face, "Then you give up!"! I don't like girls. Small fat three people:.. What? Don't like girls? With sugar in his mouth, Xiao Yi put on his cheeks and nodded magnanimously: "Yes, I don't like girls.". ” The three roommates looked at each other in shock and looked at each other for a long time. Then they asked him in disbelief, "You mean you like men?" "Mmm." Xiao Yi nodded and folded the candy wrappers in his hand, "I'm a male, and I like men." "Hiss!" The three roommates inhaled together. They were just asking casually, but who would have thought that they would ask a big news. Really? Old Shaw? You're not lying to us, are you? Xiao Yi said with a calm face: "Really." "So we are all the same." "You can't find a girlfriend, and I can't find a boyfriend." Xiao Pang & Fang Cheng & Da yuan:.. Ouch! Hey! Come to think of it! Xiao Yi's opposite sex is invincible, but the same sex is even more invincible. Look at the title of "male public enemy". Tut, tut, tut! In this case, want to find a boyfriend, really more difficult than they find a girlfriend! Thinking through this, Xiao Pang could not help laughing with schadenfreude, and the more they laughed, the louder they laughed. Xiao Yi looked at a certain three without room friendship, sighed helplessly, "I said, you give me almost.." Before he had finished speaking, the mobile phone on the table shook and a text message came in. Xiao Yi picked it up and looked at it. [Tongda Express] Your express has been delivered. Please pick it up at A Express Center. The pick-up code is 2235. Express? He Hasn't bought anything recently! Where did this express come from? Xiao Yi looked at the text message doubtfully, stood up with his mobile phone, stepped on the other three wild laughter, and went out to pick up the express. The express center is very close to Xiao Yi's dormitory building. After a while, Xiao Yi came in with an express package. Without him, the object of ridicule, the dormitory has been restored to tranquility. The three roommates stayed in their seats and played with each other. When they saw Xiao Yi coming in with a big package, they asked carelessly: "What is it?" "I don't know." Xiao Yi put the express on the table and found a box cutter to open the box. Open the carton,Calacatta Quartz Slab, inside is a silver box, looks quite a sense of technology, but there is no information on it.

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