Emperor tyrant

After Zhu Sijing retired, Li Qiye sat cross-legged on the ground, closed his eyes, concentrated his breath, and the whole person was in meditation, as if he had turned into a stone carving. At this time, Li Qiye's palace of life, a piece of fertile soil, this fertile soil is vast and boundless, very vast, in this fertile soil, light flashing, blood gas diffuse, the power of heaven and earth road is contained in it, in which there is not only the road, blood gas, all laws, but also Li Qiye's grinding. This fertile soil is Li Qiye's road, all the roads practiced in the nine realms and thirteen continents have been destroyed, but this is not a bad thing for Li Qiye. Because after everything that has been practiced before has been destroyed, it has become fertile soil, and all the foundations, all the blood, all the sharpening, and all the laws have become the soil of this vast land. At this time, in this fertile soil over the light flashing, it is a seed emerged there, this is a peerless seed, it has a peerless sharpening. This seed was refined by Li Qiye when the sky was killing the ocean. Although he was sleeping, in fact,24v Gear Motor, he was refining all this all the time. This seed contains everything of Li Qiye. Li Qiye's true life, the four images of the palace of life, the three big boats and so on are all contained in this seed. Moreover, such a seed has experienced countless polishing of Tianzhu in the ocean of Tianzhu, and has the most vigorous vitality. The sound of "peeling" sounded, and at this time, the seed fell into the fertile soil and was planted deep in the fertile soil, as if the seed of life had been sown. At this moment, Li Qiye's Thirteen Life Palace evolved and rotated, sprinkling the water of life like nectar, and all of a sudden there were visions. This is the road that Li Qiye wants to take,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, and this is also one of the purposes of Li Qiye's journey to the Three Immortals. At this time, what Li Qiye practiced was not the training system of the Nine Realms and the Thirteen Continents, nor the training system of the Three Immortal Realms! It is a unique training system, that is to say, Li Qiye is about to create a new training system, which will become a new era of training methods. Li Qiye will open up a unique road, of course, this road has not been passed, he can only slowly explore, but for the future training road, Li Qiye is full of confidence. For this brand new path of practice, Li Qiye can be summed up as: planting the seeds of the Tao, cultivating the trees of the Tao, and forming the knot of the Tao. Li Qiye's new road is a thorough integration of the truth and the road, with more thorough and powerful power, and all these powers come from themselves, they are the road, the road is the truth, no longer the truth or the road to the truth! Not to mention relying on heaven and earth. This means that Li Qiye not only jumped out of heaven and earth, but also melted everything, 12 Volt Motor With Gearbox ,Planetary Gear Motor, everything has become a part of the true destiny, which is the way Li Qiye wants to go. This is also the reason why Li Qiye wants to come to the Three Immortals Realm, because in the Three Immortals Realm, you can jump out of heaven and earth. Here, there is no destiny, no control, so here you jump out of everything. In such a world, Li Qiye creates his own road, so he will not be suppressed. In the future, when a new era is opened, that is the most powerful. When such a seed was planted, I do not know how long it took to hear the sound of "peeling", something broke through the soil, that is, the seed sprouted, a bright yellow bud emerged from the fertile soil, that is a very small bud, growing in the fertile soil, which is not easy. Of course, it is precisely because of this fertile soil that Daoya can grow. This is also Li Qiye has been working hard, in the nine realms, in the thirteen continents, he has laid a solid foundation for himself, because only this solid foundation, this can let the future have fertile soil, with fertile soil, that can let the growth of Taoism. It is precisely because of such fertile soil, which can provide a strong guarantee for Li Qiye to open a new era in the future, otherwise, everything is a castle in the air. This is like a building, want to rise from the ground, want to break through the sky, it must have a solid foundation, otherwise it is just empty talk, even if the building is built, it will fall to the ground. Li Qiye wants to open an era and create a new road. He needs such fertile soil, which is why he consolidated the foundation step by step when he was in the nine realms and thirteen continents. For Li Qiye, all the previous accumulation is to meet this road, sprout and grow in the old system, create a new road, open a new page of an era, which is what Li Qiye should strive to do. I don't know how long it took for the Tao buds to grow slowly, the process of growth is very slow, the speed is also very slow, but when the Tao seeds germinate, it is filled with the power of the road, the power of the true self, the gas of chaos.. This means that Li Qiye's road has a successful beginning. At this moment, the road is me, I am the road, and I am heaven and earth! Chapter 2194 Yang Shengping. ? Several days passed Yang Shengping, the biggest inside story and the biggest backer of the Great Sword Gate, rushed over. Yang Shengping is the only ancestor of the Great Sword Gate. He is also the oldest ancestor of the Great Sword Gate. He is also the only person who can live in the crazy court. Like the master of the Great Sword Gate, although it is said to be the master of a school, in fact, a school as weak as the Great Sword Gate, there are eight hundred schools without one thousand schools in the whole crazy court orthodoxy. Just imagine, there are other more powerful schools under the crazy court orthodoxy. What is such a weak school as the Great sword Gate? Therefore, even if Zhu Qi is the master of the Great Sword Gate, he is just a nobody. He can't say a word about the Confucian orthodoxy of the Mad Court. It can even be said that Zhu Qi, as the master of the Great Sword Gate, is not even qualified to enter the Confucian orthodoxy of the Mad Court. Yang Shengping is the oldest ancestor of the Great Sword Gate, the oldest ancestor, and the highest ancestor of the Great Sword Gate, because his Taoism is fairly good,gear reduction motor, plus he has lived for a long time, and he knows a lot of people in the crazy orthodoxy, and he has a certain foundation. It is precisely because of this that Yang Shengping can speak in the crazy orthodoxy. ichgearmotor.com

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