Fake White Moonlight Dressed as a Villain (Wearing Books)

Lu Shen's mood relaxed more than one or two points, and he immediately pulled himself together. "This king is going to Dao Mingguo." Lin Ke and Li Ruohuai said in unison, "What?" Lu Shen ignored their surprise. "I'm leaving. You follow the original plan, like Ming Daoguo. I'll go in and have a look first." Said, he has made a big account, Li Ruohuai and Lin Ke look at each other, shocked. Lu Shen went out of Yudian City, and when he arrived at the capital of Daoming, he found that the suspension bridge on the moat had been closed and forbidden to enter and exit. If he wanted to go in, he could only swim in. Lu Shen thought that Ji Niannian was waiting for him inside, so he set off immediately, crossing mountains and rivers just to enter the capital. The second day after Ji Niannian came to Daoming, he missed him, missed him, missed him. In addition to thinking of Lu Shen, she is also very hungry, Daomingguo's vegetable rice is really too bad to eat, this is not good to eat also limited. Although she and the spies had gone to a lot of trouble to come back, the fact was that they had been captives, which was a humiliating existence, so their meals were reduced and they could not starve to death. Ji Niannian is going to cry because he is too hungry. During her lunch break,14 tube fitting, she walked around outside and unexpectedly found many durian trees, all of which were golden pillow durians, and these durians were ripe, but it seemed that no one picked them. Ji Niannian looked around and found no one to take care of her, so she took the initiative to pick a durian. She was really hungry. When she peeled off the durian and ate the durian meat happily, one of her little followers came out in great panic. Brother, why do you eat smelly fruit? I know you're hungry, but you can't eat the smelly fruit. The fruit is bad and stale. It can only be used as a weapon. It's too smelly. The little sidekick was far away,needle valve manufacturer, fanning his nose. Ji Niannian:.. What did you say Do these people in the country of Dao Ming have a bag in their head? Durian is such a good thing, but it can't be eaten. They deserve to die of poverty. Is there not enough food in the capital? Ji Niannian asked the little sidekick while eating the durian. The little sidekick nodded, "We're going to fight, so we have to save food. We're all guilty. We should eat less." Ji Niannian shrugged, "I have a way to make you full, but you have to listen to me." When the little sidekick heard that he was full, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva. "Good!" Ji Niannian waved to him, "come and eat." The little sidekick smiled, and another thirteen spies appeared behind her, looking at her bitterly: "Eldest brother, there are still us!" In this way, Ji Niannian's 15-member team was set up again. The first thing after its establishment was to eat durian. The men held their noses as if they were eating shit, and each took a small bite. Unexpectedly! After eating this small bite, their eyes shine, this taste, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, too delicious, sticky and juicy, soft and sweet, smooth like milk fat, teeth frequently stay fragrant. They still want to eat after eating and look at Ji Niannian longingly. Ji Niannian pretended to nod, "Now you know that this stinky fruit is delicious. I announce that from today on, stinky fruit will be renamed durian." Fourteen people stared at her, "Big brother, we still want to eat." Ji Niannian waved his hand, "go." Fourteen people rushed up, picked a few durians, separated their hands and feet, and scrambled to eat them. Suddenly, a man spat out with a whine. Ji Niannian rushed over and hurried to check. "What's going on?" The man pointed to the durian on the ground. Ji Niannian bent down to pick up the durian and smelled a smell of alcohol. She fanned her nose. "This durian is overripe and spoiled. Don't eat it like this. Don't eat it like grass. It's not ripe." These people simply admire the death of the season read, busy nodding, in her choice, and eat the sweet and delicious durian. Ji Niannian has a problem, that is, if you eat too much sweet food, you will be more hungry, unless you eat a mouthful of spicy food and neutralize it, you will feel better. At this time, she missed the crayfish so much that she only had to drool. She asked the little sidekick if he knew the source of the insect, but he didn't think he really knew. The insect, isolated by the king on a river, is only one fire away from being burned to death. Don't be afraid. Ji Niannian: "!" Of course I'm afraid. I'm really afraid of burning up. What does she eat? "Come on, let's steal some insects to eat." She took her little sidekick to commit the crime. The little sidekick shook his head. "I'm not going. I'm afraid. I'm afraid when I see things!" Ji Niannian: "… …" Is this a trypophobia? "Are you hungry?" Ji Niannian's little sidekick doesn't seem to eat a lot of durian. Hungry Then go together. Have you forgotten how the people in Yudian City eat insects? I have learned from your eldest brother. Ji Niannian continues to tempt the little sidekick. Sure enough, the little sidekick swallowed saliva, "good!" In this way, two people stole a bucket of crayfish, Ji Niannian fried it with his hands, and the fragrance was overflowing. And attracted the rest of the spy squad. If you are rich, don't forget each other. Ji Niannian was naturally not the one who ate alone, but shared the crayfish with the others. At the beginning, there were still some members of the spy team who were afraid. Later, they fought for a few lobster claws. Ji Niannian covered his face and could not see it. Just as they were in full swing, a majestic voice rang out: "What are you doing?" Hearing this voice, Ji Niannian instinctively looked back and saw a tall, bearded man, the tallest man she had ever seen in Mingdao. Sensitive to the fact that the man was not a good stubble, she quietly hid the crayfish in her hand behind her back. When the rest of the spy squad saw the man, they immediately knelt down and shouted, "Your Majesty!" Ji Niannian also knelt down and tried to save his life. "Your Majesty," he said, "we are trying to get rid of the pests. Your Majesty, please be wise." Spy team: "..." Thick-skinned! Confound black and white! Suohai was attracted by Ji Niannian's words and walked towards them. Ji Niannian continued to hand over the crayfish in his hands, "Please taste it." Suo Hai had heard a little about what had happened in Yudian City. Doubtful,stainless steel needle valve, he took over the crayfish. Under the guidance of Ji Niannian, he pulled out the shell and pinched the head, and successfully ate the shrimp tail meat. chinaroke.com

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