Difference between book reports and book reviews: 5 take-aways


It is a common practice that most of our teachers assign book reviews or book reports in our schools and colleges. But in the course of EssayWriterNow, we end up using the terms in an interchangeable manner. How many times it happened that I turned in a book report and the teacher informed me that it was a book review and I had to do the assignment all over again.


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There are a lot of students who find themselves in situations like this simply because they fail to understand the difference between a book review and a book report.

In most cases when students get low grades for a book review, the issue is that they actually turn in a book report which is different from a book review. So, the reason why students receive such low grades is sometimes because they never take time to check and understand book review requirements which should be the number one step when writing any type of assignment. In this article we are going to talk on the difference between a book report and book review and also where a book summary falls in between these two.

First of all, a book report is quite simple in its writing structure and it does not require any text analysis like a book review. They take it as a student choosing a shortcut to make his/her job easier when my essay writer may simply have not understood the difference between the two assignments. Well, in order to prevent that from happening we would like not simply to list the characteristics of a good book review but rather to approach these assignments at a very practical angle. Below you can find some insightful tips on how to write both a book report and book review from scratch. Before we do that, let us briefly explain the terms and how they are different.

Whenever you are asked to write a book report, all you need is to explain the topical details about the author of the book and its plot. Usually book reports present biographical data about the author in order to establish a background for the book. This should also help the reader understand the perspective the author had when he/she approached writing the novel. After the bio goes the summary of the story (the plot, setting, climax, etc.) along with the list of main characters. So as you can see, book report requirements are not that demanding as opposed to those of a book review.

When i need someone to write my essay for me, i am  basically asked to analyze the story. Students always have to fight the temptation to simply retell the story in their own words as this is not what a book review requires of a student. The whole point of this assignment is to bring some new light or perspective to the people reading, let’s say, the novel. This paper may still present the information about the plot, main characters and the bio of the author but these sections have to be very brief because they are not the main focus of the writing.

The core of every book review is to discover the intent of the author, specific symbols that have significant meaning in the interpretation of the story and thematic elements contributing to the overall purpose of the work. A good review would also discuss where the novel fits in the historical context and whether the author has fully covered the chosen subject. This assignment should also dwell on the limitations of the book discussing whether or not it will have value in the generations to come. As you may have noticed, a book review is all about the in-depth analysis of the literary work.


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